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Here is what people are saying about Shane's presentations and workshops:

Thank you Mr. Williams for the very entertaining and motivational presentation that you gave to our students.  They were very engaged and enjoyed your poems.  The books I have of yours in my classroom have become class favorites.  I have one particular student that does not like school and struggles with his motivation.  He was very intrigued with your poems and enjoyed visiting with you at the end.  It was fun to see a spark of excitement in his eyes.  Thanks again.


Mrs. Cafferty

Riverside Elementary

Washington, Utah


Dear Mr. Williams,

We just want you to know how much our 3rd grade class enjoyed your author's visit.  My students' favorite part was the audience participation...when you had volunteers from the audience come to the front and dress up using the fun props you brought. We really enjoyed watching those students act out your poems.

Thank you.

Mrs. Anderson's 3rd grade class

Riverside Elementary

Washington, Utah


After your presentation one of my reluctant writers came back to class, pulled out his writing journal, and wrote a poem without being asked!  It was pretty good for a first attempt, and now he is anxious to learn how to make his writing even better.  Thank you for your enthusiasm.  Thank you for helping the boys see that writing poetry can be a cool dude activity instead of one reserved for girls.

Bonnie Cox

North Elementary

Cedar City, Utah


My kids loved the presentation and have been writing poems ever since!

Cherene Heap

North Elementary

Cedar City, Utah


The first graders loved your presentation.  Sadie, my fifth grader, was able to do the afternoon workshop with you.  She already loved writing but you helped her to enjoy it even more. Thank you!

Lana Williams (1st Grade)

La Verkin Elementary

La Verkin, Utah

The students at Enoch Elementary were delighted with the visit of poet and author Shane D. Williams. His approach to writing using humor and fun was a huge hit with the budding writers at our school.
Enoch Elementary





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