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Friday, December 30 2016

I'm a brave little monster
But one thing I dread—
At night, there's a kid
Up on top of my bed.

Mom says kids aren't real,
That it's all in my head.
Perhaps she should try
Sleeping in here instead.

I can hear that kid breathing

All during the night.
Sometimes I hear growling
That fills me with fright.

I've heard kids are hornless,
And not very hairy,
With only two eyeballs—
Now that's pretty scary!

Some have metal teeth
That they grind with their jaws,
While others have glitter
And paint on their claws!

Dad says I'm a wimp,
And it's all in my head.
Perhaps he should come
And get eaten instead.

I'm a brave little monster,
But one thing I dread
Is that darn creepy kid
That's on top of my bed.

© Shane D. Williams

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Thursday, March 10 2016

I was walking down the street
When trouble started forming.
It frankly caught me off my guard;
It happened without warning.

Somebody’s dog came up to me,
He didn’t sit or beg,
Just sniffed at me a little bit
Then lifted up his leg.

I guess it was a bad idea
(If you know what I mean)
To be a fire hydrant
This year for Halloween.

© Shane D Williams

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Friday, June 27 2014

"You're a wonderful dancer,"

She said with a smile,

As I shimmied and shuffled

And boogied with style.

"Thank you..." I stammered,

"I appreciate that…

But I just need to know

Where the bathroom is at!"

© Shane D. Williams

Posted by: Shane D. Williams AT 09:06 am   |  Permalink   |  2 Comments  |  Email
Friday, June 27 2014

If I write about nothing,

Then nothing is this.

But now it is something,

Or it wouldn't exist.

I was trying for nothing,

But something came out.

Still, it's pretty much nothing 

This something's about.

© shane D. Williams

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Wednesday, April 30 2014

Sometimes I wear it curly,
Sometimes I wear it straight.
No matter what I do with it,
My hair looks really great.

Sometimes I add a blue barrette,
Sometimes, a purple bow.
Sometimes I add conditioner
To really make it flow.

Sometimes I like it hot pink,
With glitter and some charms,
But Mom just rolls her eyes and groans,
"Sue! Shave your underarms!"

© Shane D. Williams

Posted by: Shane D. Williams AT 01:00 pm   |  Permalink   |  1 Comment  |  Email
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