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Friday, December 30 2016

The Gorillagator is strange as can be.
He can swim in a swamp, or climb up a tree.

He may eat an antelope – perhaps a banana.
He can live in the Congo or Louisiana.

He might pound his chest. He might swish his tail.
Will he need to adapt?  Will this creature prevail?

He weighs half a ton; count his teeth - 89.
He’s strong, mean and fast – yeah, I think he’ll be fine.

© Shane D. Williams

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Friday, December 30 2016

I'm a brave little monster
But one thing I dread—
At night, there's a kid
Up on top of my bed.

Mom says kids aren't real,
That it's all in my head.
Perhaps she should try
Sleeping in here instead.

I can hear that kid breathing

All during the night.
Sometimes I hear growling
That fills me with fright.

I've heard kids are hornless,
And not very hairy,
With only two eyeballs—
Now that's pretty scary!

Some have metal teeth
That they grind with their jaws,
While others have glitter
And paint on their claws!

Dad says I'm a wimp,
And it's all in my head.
Perhaps he should come
And get eaten instead.

I'm a brave little monster,
But one thing I dread
Is that darn creepy kid
That's on top of my bed.

© Shane D. Williams

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