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Books by Shane D. Williams

The Sun Is on Fire! A Ragtag Mob of Hilarious Poems

Award-winning poet and author, Shane D. Williams is back at it with another collection of over 50 wacky, witty, and hysterical poems for children and adults. Available at

All Mixed Up! A Motley Horde of Funny Poems

Over 50 side-splitting poems that will have you smiling, giggling and laughing out loud! Filled with funny twists, witty word-play and a host of mixed up characters, this collection is a must have for kids and adults who love to laugh!

The Endless Achoo!

Things are pleasant in the little town of Quiet! until Mel Beezer discovers he's allergic to his own sneezes! Blending wit and humor with lively imagery, The Endless Achoo! is a delightfully clever tale that is sure to become a bedtime favorite with children and parents alike.

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